Terms of Use

It must fill the identification form, and his (s) companion, meeting standards of the Public Security Bureau, and Embratur.

It is not permitted to minors hosting unless they are accompanied by their parents or authorization holders of the parent (s) of minor (s).


The daily will start at 14: 00h and ends at 12: 00h the next day. Depending on the Inn of movement, a late check-out may be granted, but the maximum time to leave the cottage is the 16.00 h.

The guest has a period of 12 hours to present to the reception of the Pousada, after the date of check-in time scheduled for his arrival. Unable to meet this deadline, must notify the hostel by telephone or email.


The guest already installed on Pousada under the daily regimen may interrupt your stay at any time, simply notify the Management 4 hours in advance to perform the procedures of “check-out” of the suite, to pay off your debts. However, the values no longer paid and used will receive a credit for future accommodation in our hostel upon prior reservation and subject to availability, for a period of 1 year. Under the package scheme, the hosting of the interruption will not give right to reimbursement.


Changes or cancellations made within 8 days of the date of check-in, imply the retention of the amount paid and can be used as credit in one (1) year.

Changes or cancellations made less than 48 hours from the date of check-in will give rise imposed a fine in the amount of 1 (one) day and the rest of the amount paid will remain as credit to be used in up to 1 one year.

Changes or cancellations at any time on holiday packages or other festivities, the amount paid will not be refunded or used as credit.
In case of changes or cancellations made after checking in, the amount paid will not be refunded or used as credit.
NO SHOW – In case of no show on time, without notice, the amount paid will not be refunded and can not be used as credit.
When making the payment, the customer is aware of the conditions set out in these Rules of Recanto Beach. CLEANING THE ROOMS
The cleaning of rooms is done daily.

The Recanto da Praia is committed to the environment and adopts practices aimed at its preservation. So we propose to all our guests to understand and collaborate in these practices by avoiding water and energy waste, as well as the care with appropriate referral of waste.

In this sense we suggest:

Towel change every 48 h.

Bed linen change every 72 h.

Turn off the lights and air conditioning when leaving the cottage. (If the guest to leave the room leaving the air conditioning on, serácobrada a rate of R $ 20.00 / day.

The use of the refrigerator without consumption of products exposed it implies a refrigerator rate of R $ 2.50 / day.

Avoid water waste.

Do not leave any garbage on the beach or on our beach.

Do not use motorized vehicles in urban beaches of São Miguel in particular in Stº tip. Christ Cardeiro Beach, Beach Xepa and Maceio Beach. (The use of motorized vehicles on the beach is allowed outside the urban areas of the city and in specific tracks)

With your commitment and your help, we can together save thousands of gallons of water, electricity and minimize the impact of the use of detergents.

Calls to all our guests, to withdraw from his quarters, leave the key of the cottage at the reception if they wish to be made to clean the same.

It is reserved to the Inn the right to charge extra cleaning fee if the room is delivered outside the acceptable standards of dirt.

Pousada Recanto da Praia is not responsible for belongings left in the room.


The breakfast will be served on the veranda of the Inn from 07:30 to 10:30. After these times the Inn is not obligated to serve them.


It may not withdraw from the hostel premises, bath towels or other objects of our property.

It is not allowed to extend and towels outside the rooms or any area outside the hostel. We have clothes line if necessary.
Any damage that may be caused to the assets of the Inn, is the proprietor of the accommodation or their companions, they will be refunded on the account closing act.
For all have moments of tranquility to Recanto da Praia requests to all our guests who make silence after 22:00h;

It is not allowed at any time, the use of audio equipment or instruments that disturbed as well as conversations in loud voices, screams or verbiage that threaten the peace or cause embarrassment to the other guests, mostly in the period between 22:07 hours as the Law of Silence (Law No. 126, oF 10 MAY, 1977).

The belongings of the lost or forgotten guests at the Inn will be stored for a maximum of 03 months, getting Recanto Beach, free to give the destination to find convenient after this period.

Pousada Recanto da Praia is not responsible for vehicles and belongings left them in our parking lot.

Pousada Recanto da Praia offers laundry service. If you are interested please contact the reception.


Payment can be made in the following ways: cash, deposits or bank transfers. We only accept debit cards.

The balance of the reservation must be paid at check-in.

No promotion will be cumulative and not worth on holidays packages and special dates.

The solution of omissions in these Regulations is the responsibility of the Directorate Inn.

The Board of Recanto Beach