São Miguel do Gostoso

The São Miguel do Gostoso village was founded on September 29, 1884, exactly on the day dedicated to St. Michael the missionary Father John the Divine Love. On that day, according to older residents of the locality, the missionary planted on the beach now called Maceio, a cruise in order to mark the date. Initially the location of the cruise was used in an improvised way for the celebration of Masses, baptisms and of marriages and later came to be used as a cemetery. The "Gostoso" name, according to records of the oldest, comes from a street vendor resident in the town that because travel often was considered a well-informed man always bringing news from other regions and the village people eagerly awaiting your arrival to update the news. The fact is that the seller was a master storyteller, always accompanied by an extremely hot and funny laugh. Due to its characteristic laugh, the seller was known for his Hot and quickly Luscious name was renamed the new settlement. On September 29, 1899, Mr. Miguel Félix Martins one of the first residents inaugurated a church in payment to a promise made to St. Michael, who became the patron of the community. With the church and the growing devotion to the patron saint, the town was being called, naturally São Miguel do Gostoso. By Law No. 6,452, of July 16, 1993, São Miguel won his dismembered political emancipation of Touros, city and elevated to municipality status of Rio Grande do Norte with the name of San Miguel de Touros. By plebiscite force, the council returned the name of São Miguel do Gostoso. Source: site aquisefazgostoso